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CHIN LEAN PLASTIC is Malaysia’s leading thermoplastics pipe and fittings manufacturer of PVC-u, High Density Polyethylene (PE) pipes, PVC-u fittings, PVC hose/tubing, PVC window insert tube and new development manufacture of Polyethylene (PE) rotational molding product of water tank, septic tank, road barrier and traffic cone.

PRODUCT CERTIFICATION In early of 90’s Chin Lean has received product quality approval from SIRIM, listed in IKRAM (JKR) Local Building Material List and certified by SPAN in Supplier Registration Certification on year 2008.

QUALITY ASSURANCE In year 2002 our company has established the Quality Management System complied to ISO 9001:2000 assessed by SIRIM QAS International Sdn.Bhd. to ensure quality system and quality product fulfil to the requirements.