PVC Introduction

Polyvinylchloride (PVC)

PVC stand for Polyvinylchloride has the oldest and most common with a much wider range of use as compared to any other plastic. The term of uPVC or unplasticised PVC means without can be formed and re-formed repeatedly, the soften when heated and harden when cooled.

PVC is resistant to most chemical and excellent properties of the versatile and economical as listed in the table 1 below:

uPVC requires small processing additives for use in extruding and injection moulding such as:

Stabilisers - The formulation ofsome plastics to assist in maintaining the properties of the material ator near their initial values during processing and working life.

Lubricant - Added in small proportions to the formulation of a plastic to facilitate processing or to prevent sticking.

Pigment- As producing the required colour.

Fillers - Solid material added to a plastic and evenly mixed with it to improve its strength, stability, aid processing, for instance to reduce lip deposits.