The installation guide line according to standard of MS628: Part 3.

uPVC pipes are strong lightweight than metal price, the result easily to handling. More care should be taken to avoid unnecessary damage to the pipes or for the safety of the workers and during transporting, handling and storage.

Do not droppped or thrown onto hard surfaces which are free from surface irregularities such as stones, branches or other sharp projections during storage.

Seperately keep away the from petroleum product, solvent, greases and avoids to direct sunlight or high temperature.




Acceptable stacking height and distance between stack is usually depend on site condition. Adequate space should be allowed for transport equipment to manoeuvre without causing damage. Stacking bundles - Timber crate containing pipes may be in stack up to 2m high and should be stacked timber to timber. Stacking individual pipes - Stack should not exceed 7 layers in height with maximum 1.5 meters and not more than 3 meters width of the bottom layer. When using pyramid stacking the maximum heigt should not be more than 1 meter.