Installation Jointing - Rubber Ring Joint

When install a pipeline the following steps should be taken: 

  • Each pipes should be checked to make sure free from scratch or other damage.
  • Clean the spigot and socket end of pipes. For good clean socket end remove the rubber ring from the groove and wipe clean to make sure free from the sand, mud or any foreign matter.
  • Refitted the rubber ring to the groove and check position of ring by running the finger around of rubber ring. Make sure the spigot have the chamfer and witness mark.
  • Lubricate the spigot by using correct lubricant, and do not lubricate the ring or the groove.
  • Carefully align the pipes before attempting to thrust home. Push the spigot into the socket until the witness mark remains just visible. In this position clearance is automatically allowed for expansion and contraction, so do not push the pipe the witness mark. Jointing may be assisted by the use of a crowbar and block.
  • Deflection at the joint should be carried out after the joint is made. Always joint the pipes in a straight line.