CHINLEAN® uPVC Pressure pipes are superior material for water conveying system with higher internal pressure with major use in cold water service and industrial use. This piping system ranging sizes from DN15mm to DN300mm, in pressure ratings from 6 bar to 15 bar and high pressure up to 40 bar of Class 7. The pipes complied to standard of MS628 : Part 1 (BS3505) and MS762 (BS3506).


uPVC pressure pipes are specified by :
Nominal size (DN) ; Measurement of out-side diameter of pipes in millimeter.
Class of pipes ; maximum working pressure in units Bar, MPa or Psi.
Type of joint ; Solvent cement joints (SCJ)
This pipe certified by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. since 1993 with certificate No.:
  • PC 007106 - MS628 : Part 1
  • PC 007111 - MS762


Main Application ; Water supply
Other application ; Industrial use, telecommunication, electrical, mining.
Material ; UnplasticizedPolyvinyl Chloride (uPVC/ PVC-U).
Product range ; Supplied in plain end size DN15 to DN 300mm or socket at one end for solvent weld connection for DN 80mm to DN 300 mm.
Maximum working pressure ; 6 bar to 15 bar for water supplier and 22 to 40 for industrial use.
Working temperature ; uPVCpipe generally can be used at temperatures between 20ºC to 50°C. Temperature up to 60ºC can be accommodated if at a reduced pressure rating and service life are acceptable.
Length ; 6 meter & 5.8 meter (upon customer request).
Colour ; Grey / Blue
Quality Management System complied to ISO 9001:2008 by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. CertificateNo.:AR2643
Printing by inject printer, as following identification:Pressure pipes marked by inject printer, and fittings has clearly and durable marked by moulded impression for each cavity of products.