Soil, Waste and Ventilating pipes with complied to MS 1063 (BS 4514) and MS 978 (BS 5255), which intended to use for soil and waste discharge pipe-work for conveyance waste water, ventilation pipe-work associated and rainwater pipe-work within the building structures. Pipes available in the sizes range from 32mm to 315mm as in table 9.

Application a) Double Story b) High Rise 

(pading sample)

Colour - SWV Pipes are manufacturer in white colours


Pipes are supplied with lengths 4m & 6m

Type of Joint

This pipe normally use Solvent Cement Welds for jointing.

Testing Requirement

Routine Test :

  • Heat Reversion
  • Impact Strength

Type Test :

  • Vicat Softening temperature for size 82mm and above
  • Tensile properties for size 82mm and above
  • Elevated temperture cycling