PVC-U Bell-Mouth Pressure Pipe Joint (RRJ)


SELLOC S-21 uPVC Bell-Mouth pipe is complied to MS628: Part 2: Section 2.1 with available diameter from 100mm to 300mm for water pressure application. Pipedesigned has a very high performance with integrated system sealing where the seal and mandrel act together as a tool to form the pipe socket during manufacture. The main principal of the joint isthe use of rubber sealing ring for good sealing purpose, easy and quickly to install. It is automatically compressed to form an effective seal when the spigot ends is insert into the socket.



  • Application; Water supply
  • Product range; DN 100mm to DN 300mm.
  • Maximum working pressure; 9 bar to 15 bar.
  • Material; UnplasticizedPolyvinyl Chloride (uPVC/ PVC-U)
  • Length; 6 meter & 5.8 meter (upon customer request)
  • Colour; Grey & Blue



The seal become part of socket forming tool used to shape it’s own seal groove reducing Irregularities and tolerancesin the socket. The seal is Equally effective under both positive and negative pipe pressure (vacuum). Under positive pressure rubber section is pressed forward, giving a still more effective seal. The higher pressure giving the greater sealing force.



  • Long life span
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • No heavy equipment needed.
  • Fast and easy to assemble & dismantle 



Rubber ring sealis made from material of black EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene dienemonomer) complied to BS EN 681with dual hardness seal consisting of :
Soft zone–The flexible rubber is designed with a combined compression and lip seal acting on both spigot and socket to maximize the seal effectively
Hard zone –the reinforcement rubber, bonded to flexible rubber to holds the seal firmly in place Under negative pressure the rubber section pressed backwards, it expands radiallyand seals effectively against both the socket and spigot. The sealing action of the front rubber edge prevents sand or soil from entering the seal.