CHINLEAN® UPVC drainage and sewer is smooth internal and external wall pipes manufacturer with comply to MS 979: Part 1 (BS 4660) for diameter up to155mm and MS979: Part 2 (BS 5481) for pipes diameter 200 mm and above.


Pipes application for the conveyance of normal domestic effluents Including foul and surface water sewers.


  • Material: UnplasticizedPolyvinyl Chloride (UPVC)
  • Colour: Golden Brow
  • Length: 6 meter & 5.8 meter
  • Joint: Solvent cement weld 


  • Specific gravity: 1.4
  • Specific heat: 1000 J/kg/ºC
  • Thermal conductivity:1.6 W/m/ºC
  • Coefficient of linear expansion: 6 x 10-5 mm/mm/ºc
  • Vicatsoftening point: 79ºC
  • Modulus of elasticity in bend: 3000 N/mm²
  • Tensile strength at yield: 45 N/mm²
  • Elongation at break: 80 %


All drainage and sewer pipes are printed with used printer, the following details at approximately meter intervals. The fittings has clearly and durably marked by moulded impression for each cavity of products.


  • High Impact Strength -To ensures a greater resistance to the rigours of pipe laying conditions.
  • Easy Handling/ Installation –The ease of handling, installation and transport provide overall project savings.
  • Chemical Resistance -A high level of chemical resistance to the wide range of substances found in both effluent and contaminated soils.
  • Superior flow characteristics -It’s very smooth bore and chemical resistance characteristics ensure no scale or built up corrosion, thus producing a high flow capacity.


ChinLean Plasticis established the Quality Management System has been complies to ISO9001:2008 assessed by SIRIM QAS International Sdn.Bhd. to ensure quality system and quality product fulfill to the requirements. CertificateNo.:AR2643
CHINLEAN UPVC underground drainage and sewer pipe is certified by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. certification body of Malaysian since 1996 with certificate No.: PC007102 (MS979: Part 2) and PC007105 (MS979: Part 1)